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The hours of polishing
can still pay off
at the annual rally

New breakdown cover that's built for specialist vehicles

New ERS Breakdown is tailored for vehicles and recovery situations that are not the norm. So not only do we cover the types of vehicles that other insurers can't, our specialist recovery service gets your customers out of mud, flood and snow too.

Best of all, brokers can buy ERS Breakdown online and at a net-rate, putting you in the driving seat.

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Recovering the widest range of vehicles

Whether it's a horsebox bound for Epsom, a classic car heading to a rally or the most relied upon vehicle on the farm that's broken down, we can recover them all with ERS Breakdown.

Recovery that's not limited to the roadside

Specialist vehicles can break down or get stuck in unusual places or situations. From sand or snow to flood or mud, we have the expertise and equipment to get your customers out and back on the move. And if they are en route to Epsom, we'll take their horses too!

Everything you'd expect from a breakdown service plus...

Priced by you

Because you understand your customers better than anyone, our breakdown cover is net-rated, so you have the freedom to charge what you feel is right.

More than just standard recovery

  • Cover options from roadside assistance to full European cover
  • Recovery for new vehicles or those over 20 years old
  • Built for specialist vehicles and ready for anything
  • Priced on weight and vehicle age
  • 24/7 service that recovers you even if you don't break down

Flexible distribution

Get ERS Breakdown through the channel that suits you

  • Online at ers.com
  • Via bordereau
  • Market under your own brand